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We have an official CLC&C Facebook Page

Head on over and like the page to stay up to date. The Civic & Commerce Committee (CLC&C) uses our official Facebook page to post:

  • Official Public Announcements
  • Official Events
  • Photos and Event Pictures
  • We also share these posts to the community group

Note: Given Facebook’s algorithm, you are not likely to see posts from a page. So, we recommend going directly to the page regularly to see all updates. This is why we also share everything to our community group. Because, you’re much more likely to see posts from groups with which you’re actively involved. So, you need to get involved! To get involved simply like, comment or share our page posts and group posts to tell Facebook to show you more of our posts. Plus, when you do it helps us get the word out to those you’re connected to (friends) on Facebook!

And, we have a Community Facebook Group

Then, join our public group to communicate with your neighbors. Our community group is available for all to post in!

  • Local People, Organizations, Charities and Local Businesses can post announcements, events, pictures, ask questions, give updates, and more. in our public Facebook group.
  • CLC&C Committee members share announcements, events and pictures from PAGEs to this GROUP
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