Elf Escape 2023

Elf Escape is held in December each year. Dozens of Clear Lake businesses join together to provide a fun way to shop local, win prizes and socialize.

Elf Escape 2023: 

December 1 – 23, 2023

Once again, the Civic & Commerce is hosting an event called the Elf Escape. Some elves have escaped from the North Pole and are hiding at the local businesses.

To Play – pick up a participation sheet at CR Convenience, Nilssen’s or any participating business, or print one from the Civic & Commerce website (download here) or on our Facebook Page.



The rules and a list of all participating businesses are on the participation sheets. Three winners ($25 cash prizes) will be drawn from the entries with the most correct answers.

Questions? Call or email. Good Luck! 715.971.8032 – info@Three3Sisters.com.

Elf Escape 2023 Rules

  1.  Find each Elf at the participating business listed below. Elves are located inside  or outside of each business, on their website or Facebook page. 
  2. Write each elf’s name on the corresponding line for each business below. 
  3. Drop off your completed form in the drop slot at Three3Sisters Gift Shop (440 3rd  Ave) or email to Three3SistersShop@gmail.com by December 26th 
  4. THREE winners, $25 each will be drawn from the entries with the most correct  answers. (one entry per person) 

How to Play

Download a PDF of the 2023 Elf Escape player sheet which you need to enter. Then, print it, and fill it out by visiting each of the businesses listed and finding the name of their Elf. Finally, turn it in for your chance to win prize money!

Participating Businesses


Agate Defined 464 3rd Ave 

CB Styles 510 3rd Ave NW 

Can Dance (CLACC) 560 5th St 3rd floor 

Chase’s Midway 410 3rd Ave 

CL Community Center 560 5th St 

CL Library 350 4th Ave 

CL Physical Therapy 417 3rd Ave 

CL True Value 530 3rd Ave NW 

CR Convenience 960 South Ave W 

Clear Lake EMS 457 3rd Ave 

Clear Lake Clinic 357 3rd Ave 

Irma’s Place 955 US Hwy 63 

Jen’s Hair Shop (Mane Salon) 446 3rd Ave 

Lillie Couch Insurance 437 3rd Ave 

Nextgen Broadband (CLT) 316 3rd Ave 

Nilssen’s Market 265 5th St NW 

Northern Roots 470 3rd Ave 

Overby Financial 433 3rd Ave 

Paulson Chiropractic 336 3rd Ave 

Pillar Bank 327 3rd Ave 

The Plumber 249 5th St 

Raising the Bar 458 3rd Ave 

The Sanctuary 410 5th St 

styled strands by Jess (Mane Salon) 446 3rd Ave 

Three3Sisters Gift Shop 440 3rd Ave 

Vada’s Vanity (Mane Salon) 446 3rd Ave 

Remember the fun?

And, here’s the 2023 Elf Escape Facebook event.

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