CL Days

2024 Medallion Hunt at Clear Lake Heritage Days

Back for 2024, the Clear Lake Heritage Days Medallion Hunt is a fun game with daily clues that lead you on a scavenger hunt for the medallion. Winner receives a prize, the commemorative medallion, and bragging rights!

How the Clear Lake Days Medallion Hunt Works

Daily Clues will be released during Clear Lake Heritage Days, starting Monday, June 24.

Where to Find Clues

Find clues at:

When are New Clues Available?

Beginning the Monday of Clear Lake Days, each morning the week of CL Days a new clue will be posted at one of the three locations listed above.

The Prize

The Prize for finding the 2024 Clear Lake Days Medallion is $50.

How to I claim my prize?

  1. First, find the medallion hidden somewhere in Clear Lake.
  2. Bring the medallion to Lisa Duden at the Heritage Days tent who will snap a photo of the winner and award the prize.

Revisit the 2023 Medallion Hunt Winner.


Please note: Any false claims or unfair actions on the part of individuals will result in your disqualification from this activity.

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