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Where to Recycle in Clear Lake, WI?

If you’re wondering where to drop off recyclables in the Clear Lake, Wisconsin, area, here’s what you need to know.

How to donate gently used, clean items?

Clear Lake is home to the Old School Thrift Shop, located at 560 5th Street. They accept donations any day of the week through Door #1 of the Clear Lake Area Community Center. A complete list of what they accept is on their website. The yellow donation bin is located right inside the door. If you have a large amount to donate, you can also contact them during office hours. Not only does the thrift store have amazing bargains which help our community, but proceeds also go toward upkeep and maintenance of this historic 120-year old building. Since CLACC and the Thrift Store are nonprofit, you can also receive a receipt for your generosity!

How can I recycle cardboard, paper, cans, metal and plastic?

To recycle cardboard, paper or commingled plastic and metal, use the big blue Polk County recycle bins in the following locations.

  1. Cardboard: brown corrugated cardboard FLATTENED, cereal boxes, cake boxes and cardboard, cardboard egg cartons (no styrofoam), paper bags. NO waxed refrigerated boxes or cartons, detergent, produce, pizza, pop, beer, toothpaste, soap boxes, etc.
  2. Paper: newspaper, magazines, junk mail, office paper. Including inserts, catalogs, glossy flyers, phone books, paper of any color, and envelopes. Please put large amounts of office paper in a plstic bag. NO hardcover books, wrapping paper, food wrappers, tissue paper, paper towels, etc.
  3. Plastic #1 & #2/glass/aluminum/tin: Combine plastic #1 and #2 bottles, glass, aluminum, tin. Including bottles, cans, aerosol and jar food containers only. Labels and caps can be left on. Drain and double rinse motor oil, transmission fluid, herbicide and pesticide bottles. Please NO plastic bags, window glass, ceramincs, china, light bulbs, mirrors, ceramic cookware, aluminum siding or nonmetal cookware.

Where to find the Blue Polk County Recycle Bins

Here’s where and in some cases when to find the big blue recycle dumpsters:

  • Clear Lake (municipal shop on 4th ave. Behind Auto Experts, 540 3rd Ave NW, Clear Lake, WI 54005)
  • Clayton (behind the municipal building downtown)
  • Amery (behind the Fire Department)
  • Black Brook (town hall, 1st and 3rd Fri & Sat of every month, 8-4 pm)


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