Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Request Form

A ribbon cutting ceremony marks a very significant moment in the the history of any business. It’s not only a great photo op for social media and the local newspapers, but it’s also a chance to introduce the business to the community in a fun and formal way. Business owners have used this time to publicly thank their financial backers, their employees, their friends and family, and/or their business partners. They also take the opportunity to talk about what their business does. In short, it’s a great promotional tool!

How do I request a ribbon cutting?

Fill out this form to request your ribbon cutting event.

Who should request a ribbon cutting?

Businesses which are located in the greater Clear Lake, Wisconsin, area AND meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Planning a Grand Opening ceremony
  • Opened its doors within the last year
  • Moved to a new location due to expansion
  • Has undergone significant renovations/expansion at its current location
  • Groundbreaking on a new building
  • Rare exceptions may be made for active sponsors requesting a ribbon cutting for other reasons

What does the Welcome Committee do?

While a grand opening is YOUR event, the Welcome Committee will:

  • Bring the Giant Scissors and Warrior-Blue Ribbon
  • Arrange for Civic & Commerce representatives, and when appropriate, Clear Lake Area Community Center representatives, to be in attendance
  • List your ribbon cutting on the Civic & Commerce event calendar and on our social media Facebook page and on our Community Group.
  • Arrange photographs and publish on our social media and submit to the Clear Lake Chronicle newspaper

What are the benefits of holding a ribbon cutting?

  • Introduce your business and products to both the public and Civic & Commerce members
  • Generate leads and sales from attendees
  • Meet your neighbors and other business leaders in the community

What should YOU do?

Since your grand opening is YOUR event, we encourage you to promote this event to your customers, partners, employees, friends and family. The Civic & Commerce will attend your event to add a special touch to your event, and we will use our resources to help you promote your event. But, please keep in mind this is your event and for it to be successful you will want to spread the word.

Things to do:

  • Decide who will actually cut the ribbon. Typically it is the owner who cuts the ribbon, with key players standing next to them. Civic & Commerce members wearing matching blue attire will stand next to them to fill out the photo. You may want to take multiple photos with various groups of people before actually cutting the ribbon. Photos might include employees, family, Civic & Commerce members, or business partners, for example.
  • Write your speech (if you wish to speak). A speech is usually given just after the ribbon is cut.
  • Determine where and when the ribbon cutting will take place

More Promotional Ideas (Optional)

  • Invite everyone you know! You can do this via social media, email, text, on your website, etc. Invite your family, friends, past, current and potential customers, business associates (including your accountant, banker, and property owner,) suppliers, your employees, the media, neighboring businesses, and government officials.
  • Consider having giveaways, especially logo items that guests can take back to their offices. The Civic & Commerce is happy to provide you with local businesses who can help you create gifts.
  • Food and beverage is not required, but for open house events such a ribbon cuttings, it is a nice touch. The Civic & Commerce is happy to provide you with local businesses who can help you with catering.
  • Be sure to have plenty of brochures, coupons, or other promotional materials available.

Questions? Please contact wendy@clearlakewi.com

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