November 2015 Meeting

Clear Lake Community Club Meeting Minutes

November 2nd, 2015 7:00 p.m.

T.J. Buhr opened the meeting welcoming everyone and recapping a little of what happened at last meeting on October 5th. He announced ballets of interested community members in running for offices of President, vice- president, Treasurer and Secretary. Previously the office of treasurer and secretary was held as one and notes were not taken. There was one person interested for each office and the floor was opened for other nominations; none were given.  Unanimous ballet was cast and approved to vote in each person for each office.

New officers for the Clear Lake Community Club are as follows: President – Stacey Otis, Vice-President – Tonya Roth, Secretary – Laura Andersen, Treasurer – Kristin LaBeree.

Thank you to Dave Somsen for the 30+ years, Gerianne Christianson and TJ Buhr also for your many years and dedication to the Community Club. We greatly appreciated it and will greatly lean on you for your expertise in the future. A sign-up sheet for committees and interest of all activities through the year was passed around. Another sheet was passed around to collect names, emails and phone numbers for contacting in the future.

  • Holiday Stroll will be December 5th, 2015. This activity is headed by Liane Petersen and Kyle Overby. Report was given on Lianes behalf informing members that CLCC pays for the advertising and turkeys. There are at this time about 25 merchants in Clear Lake participating in the Holiday Stroll and each merchant this year was asked for a $25.00 entry to go towards the cost of the turkeys. In the future we have been asked to consider having drawings for grocery cards in place of turkeys or possible Clear Lake Bucks to be spent at participating merchants businesses. At this time the Holiday Stroll is well under way and is expected to be another success.
  • Santa Day will be December 12th, 2015. This activity is headed by Curly Danielson and Leona Voss with the Clear Lake Royalty. Report was given that Maddi Colbeth offered to assist with the photography but they will ask Sherry Buhr if she can; she has done this many years in the past but current family situation may need her attention more. American Legion will be helping with money. Curly Danielson and Rod Fall said ink, paper and cards will be obtained in time for the BIG day. Royalty decorates with the help of Sherry Buhr doing the back drop. Ambulance Service will be doing a Pancake Breakfast from 9-12 pm, with Santa 10-2 pm. Discussion held on where to hold it. Decided Ambulance service will pay for the gym and set the date with CLACC. Santa Day will also be in the gym as well. Warming fire will be on South Gym parking lot and sleigh rides will leave and return there. Horses and sleigh have been contacted (Art Bergman). Will need a person to volunteer to tend the fire all day monitoring children’s safety. Santa Day CLCC pays for candy, snacks, pictures, sleigh ride and Santa.
  • New Year’s Eve Fireworks will be December 31st, 2015. Needed – Letters to the Merchants for fundraising, about 4 truckloads of wood to maintain 2 warming fires, small stove wood for stove in the Chalet Shelter; which will need to be started around 7:00 am that day to get warm enough. 2-3:00 have food ready for people when they show up at 5:00 pm for sliding, AFP will furnish cheese machine. Carl Nilssen has food quantities and sponsors poster. Budget runs yearly at about 3500 – 4,000.00. Need 5-6 volunteers. Steve and Katina Engebretson have volunteered so far. Collecting canned goods for the Food Shelf. Discussion held on having donation bucket/box to collect any free will donations. Propane heaters borrowed for Chalet need to be asked from Billy Buhr, Carl Nilssen and TJ Buhr. A thank you needs to be assembled and put into the Clear Lake Chronicle for donations from the merchants and individuals sponsoring.
  • Leona Voss reported Winter Carnival in Minnesota needs registration paid soon for the Clear Lake Royalty attending.

Remember if anyone needs HELP – ASK for it! Next meeting will be December 7th, 2015 at 7:00 pm. TJ Buhr closed meeting at 7:40 pm.

Respectively submitted by

Laura Andersen CLCC Secretary


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