June 2016 Meeting

Clear Lake Community Club Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2016

Meeting called to order by President Stacy Otis at 7:05pm. 18 members present.

Minutes read and approved. Treasurer’s report read and approved Balance is $9561.00 *we have a CD of around $6000

  • Discussion held on CL Days Poster: group is proofing at meeting.
  • Buttons: Don’t have to be present to win, we will draw prizes afterward.
  • 5th Street will need to be cleared and blocked from traffic at 10am
  • Carnival will leave room for Lifeline Food Pantry on Wednesday and Thursday
  • Posters are ready to be distributed ASAP; 300-400 of them.
  • Discussion held on Website: Gerianne wants to remain with her friend, even though the site has been found not user friendly to admins. Laura Andersen will give admin password to Kristin LaBeree to try.
  • Beer Tent is from A1 at 40×120’ no price total as yet.
  • Parade: Vendors jumping in parade route (avoiding to pay fee) ex. Cotton candy seller, balloon seller…who will check on them? Who will hold accountable for this? We will let it go this year but this needs to be addresses for 2017.
  • Gerianne is putting Ads in Amery Free Press, Ledger and Town Happenings? Is there more?
  • Monday work night set up 6:00pm afterward there will be refreshments at fire hall.
  • Demo Derby set up meet at Chalet. Need picnic tables from Park (crew of 3-4). Stage set up on Monday (Curly Danielson), Wednesday morning Vendors (Curly Danielson)
  • Garage Sales call Village Hall
  • Call Foremost Farms for ice cream give away (@500 cups) and various cheeses (@20lbs)
  • Parade Grand Marshalls are Vern & Bev Engebretson. They are very excited!!
  • Need to emphasize Monday and Wednesday work nights, Clean up Saturday and Sunday 6am.
  • American Ice we need to order.
  • Power wheel Derby is being sponsored by Ashton Duden
  • 2-3 vendors for beer, how much ordered? No records. Pricing for beer – $2.50 and pop & water $1.00
  • Sawdust pile: Kristin LaBeree will pick up at Andersons and bring to Clear Lake.

Next meeting will be July, no date set. Will call emergency meeting as needed.

Respectively submitted by

Laura Andersen CLCC Secretary


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