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January 2023 Meeting Minutes

Clear Lake Civic and Commerce aka Clear Lake Community Club

Meeting Date January 9. 2023, at Three3Sisters.

The meeting was called to order by President Ture Duden at 6:00 pm. with 17 people present. (Ture, Lisa Duden, Tanya-Jo Roth. Cindy Soderberg. Amy Strobach by phone, Leona Voss, Wendy Schoggins, Cindy & Peter Diedrich, Dan Johnson, Ray Cress,
Joyce & Dave Junsch. Jack Eastman, Lisa Lien, Cindy Hatella, Melanie Lombardo)

Secretary’s Report: Secretary’s report was reviewed. Motioned and approved to accept the minutes.
Motion to accept: Dan. Seconded: Tanya. Motion Passed.

Treasurer’s Report: The report for December 2022 was reviewed. There was a request for the 2022 financials to be in report form. Motioned and approved to accept the minutes. Motion to accept: Cindy. Seconded: Wendy. Motion Passed.

Old Business:

  1. Non-Profit Status: 501(c)6 application has been submitted with a $600 fee.
  2. Fireworks Update: Donation total $1,543. Security is needed around the fenced area next year. Fireballs were well received. Maybe more next year.
  3. Sponsorship Update: Letters all out, sponsorships coming in.
  4. Elf Escape: 18 participants, maybe run it longer next year.
  5. Light Up the Village Update: Good participation. f.
Truck Pull: no update.
  6. Bylaws: The committee met and brought amendments to the Bylaws. It was suggested to give everyone time to review them outside this meeting. After discussion, Cindy made a motion to hold a Special Meeting to review and approve the amended bylaws, seconded by Tonya. Motion carried. The meeting was set for Tuesday. January 24, 2023 at 6 pm.

New Business:

  1. Budgets and Chairs for Events were reviewed.
  2. Demo Derby date is set for May 13. 2023
  3. Earth Day Event: Cindy Hatella and Melanie who run the event asked for input for the upcoming Earth Day event. Ray Cress offered to meet with them.
  4. Bandstand: There has been some interest in having music at the old bandstand. The village owns the property. Wendy will consult with them for the possibilities of events and updating the structure.


  1. AAA Living Magazine is doing an article on Earth Day in Clear Lake and asked us for pictures they can add to the article. Wendy sent pictures. The article will be published in the Mar/Apr/May issue.
  2. Our Annual Meeting is set for February 6, 2023. The Annal Meeting agenda will include a recap of the year 2022 and the election of new board members. The February 2023 regular meeting of the Civic &
Commerce will follow the Annual Meeting.

A motion was made by Dan to adjourn, seconded by Dave, motion carried.

Next meeting February 6, 2022, following the Annual Meeting at Three3Sisters.

Cindy Soderberg. Secretary, Clear Lake Civic and Commerce

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