January 2016 Meeting

Clear Lake Community Club Meeting Minutes

January 4th, 2016 7:00 p.m.

President Stacy Otis opened the meeting with 9 present. Minutes read and approved. Treasurer’s report read.

  • Recap Discussion held on Santa Day it was December 12th, and was well received. Everything ran smoothly in the gym area with Breakfast and wagon rides. Money raised for Food Shelf was $156.00 with a box of donations as well. The American Legion and the Sons of the American Legion donated the ink and paper for photos. It was discussed on how to make this a $ fundraiser. Possibly charge for families that want more than 1 photo.
  • Recap discussion on New Year’s Eve Fireworks it was December 31st. All food went, money raised for food shelf was about $33.00 with around 50 pounds of food. Sponsors were down from last year from the town businesses. The fireworks show was AMAZING and turn out/attendance was great.
  • A few Fundraising ideas were discussed. Need more people to attend with ideas and for some experienced people to come and give some guidance. Bring back Buttons as a raffle; not as a get into events. Make CL Days themed- ex: Heritage, Lumber, Farmers, Creamery, and Gaylord Nelson 1916-2016. Have community art competition for button design or just children in Clear Lake.
  • Facebook page is running. Please like and friend and invite friends to do the same. It is on Clear Lake WI Community Club.
  • Discussion held on where to hold Clear Lake Days. Some want up town and some are ok with Clear Lake Area Community Center with a few changes to layout for rides and food vendors; possibly closing another street for the weekend to help with foot traffic to uptown area. Ideas for Truck pull to be brought back to replace the Derby on Saturday. The derby has been declining in raising money and attendance. Need a new idea! Bands need a tent for their equipment to protect from rain so need a bigger tent. Need food booths at Car Show our biggest event for attendance. Some other ideas tossed around: Garden Tractor pull, Mud Bogging at Chalet area, greased pig run, fireman hose play, strong man competition (tire flipping, arm wrestling), lake activities (homemade boat races or mini triathlon), hypnosis, human foose  ball competition, etc…
  • Motion made and approved to have another meeting January 18th for more people to get the word out and ATTEND so we can nail down ideas. Many things need to be booked and planned far in advance. Push hard on Facebook.

January 18th meeting topic will be on: Clear Lake Days June 23-26th, 2016 location and Events. Attend and speak up!

Next meeting will be January 18th, 2016 at 7:00 pm.

Respectively submitted by

Laura Andersen CLCC Secretary

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