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December 2022 Meeting Minutes

Clear Lake Civic and Commerce aka Clear Lake Community Club 

Meeting Date December 5, 2022, at Three3Sisters. 

The meeting was called to order by President Ture Duden at 6:00 pm. with 13 people present. (Ture, Lisa & Zoey Duden, Tonya Roth, Cindy Soderberg, Amy Strobach, Leona Voss, Wendy Schoggins, Dan Johnson, Ray Cress, Dave & Joyce Jurisch, Jack  Eastman. 

Secretary’s Report: Secretary’s report was reviewed. Motioned and approved to accept the minutes. Amy/Dan 

Treasurer’s Report: The report for November 2022 was reviewed. Motioned and approved to accept the  minutes. Cindy/Dan 

Old Business:  

  1. Santa Day Update: Cold, about 83 in attendance. $56 and box of food for food pantry. PTO Breakfast  wet well. Smokey from grill for pancakes. Booked second Saturday in Dec. 2023. 
  2. Fireworks/Fireball sponsors: Fireball sponsors are at 19. We will try broadcasting music and  announcements over radio.  
  3. Sponsorship Letters: Email and mailing letter. 
  4. Elf Escape: Ready to go. No update. 
  5. Light Up the Village Update: Deadline for entry Dec. 15th. Judging will follow that week. 

New Business: 

  1. Motioned and approved a $50 gift card for Matt Anderson for storage of the float. Dan/Tonya b. Motioned and approved a $150 donation to Christmas for Children. Ray/Dan 
  2. Nominations, Elections and By Laws: There was much discussion of our election process. After reviewing  our By Laws, it was brought to our attention that our By Laws were contradicting and unclear. We  formed a committee comprising of Dan Johnson, Ray Cress, Wendy Schoggins and Amy Strobach to re write the By Laws making them more conforming to the By Laws of other civic organizations. It was  decided to review the new By Laws and open nominations at the January meeting. We scheduled our  Annual Meeting for February 6th with elections of board members.  



  1. Marketing and Communications Update: The Polk County Tourism Guide’s forth page is being paid for  with ads from local businesses.  

A motion was made by Cindy to adjourn, seconded by Amy. Motion carried.  

Next meeting January 9, 2022, at 6pm at Three3Sisterss. 

Cindy Soderberg, Secretary, Clear Lake Civic and Commerce 

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