Community Club September 2018 Meeting

Clear Lake Community Club Meeting Minutes

September 10th, 2018

Meeting was called to order by Alison Blanchard-Avery.

Secretary’s Report: August minutes were read, Lisa Duden made 1st motion to approve.

Treasure’s Report:

Old Business: Voted on bands for Clear Lake Days, Friday will be The Compromise and Saturday will be the County Line. We will be paying $203.00 for damages to the bleachers that we rented from the St. County Fair, Cricket made 1st motion, documentation will be made when we pick them up and drop them off in the future.

New business:


Food vendor update: American Legion (burgers and German potato salad), FFA (cheese curds and beverages), Methodist Church (apple bars), CL Lions club (brats, hot dogs, and beverages), Covenant church (Ruben Quesada’s and beverages)

Craft sale– Help pass out and send flyers, a lot of people interested, Facebook sign-up

Marketing- Wisconsin Tourism, Polk County Tourism, Green sheet, signs

Wagon rides– waiting on conformation

Set up/tare down– Snowmobile club will also help serve and get old tables from Community Center.

Straw bale donation- 15-20 bales needed, Amy is looking into it

Pumpkins update: 130 pumpkins will be needed, Kripple Creek and Kirk Nagle, Tanya will be getting the paint and materials, Alison will be getting the aprons, Queens court will possibly be supervising and help the children.

Other- 50/50 raffle, meat raffle will be looking for donations of meat. Square board for fundraising, donation buckets for fundraising.

New Committee Meetings

Chair person of local town festivals and parades will be meeting the second Tuesday of November, the 12th and the CL Community Center, the second Tuesday of April and will be in Glenwood. The meetings will start at 7 pm to discuss ideas, brainstorm, marketing, etc, to help each other make each towns festival run smoother and draw people in. Communities include Clear Lake, Glenwood City, Boyceville, Amery, New Richmond, and Ridgeland with possible more communities joining.

Updates on the Holiday Stroll and Santa Day– Overby will be in charge of the Holiday Stroll December 1st if you want to participate, and Amy and Tanya will be in charge of Santa Day December 15th 10-2pm, CL Ambulance Service will be doing a breakfast from 9am-1pm that day. More information to come.

Other- The CL Library brought information regarding a silent auction that they will be putting on in November. Items are need for the auction. The auction is to raise money to off set the cost of books, material, and services provided by library. Please help in anyway that you can and support our library. Donations are needed by October 26th. Cricket also brought up an idea to benefit the community and local businesses that the Friends of the Library Group came up with. It is called the First Friday Festivities, it would take place on the first Friday of every month, the library would show a movie, businesses could have sales, free samples, discounts, demonstrations, open houses, each month could showcase a business, donation boxes could be put up and then donated to a different non-profit organization each month, Police Department could do a bike rodeo/safety, various others are willing to do other demonstrations and services, and possibly do a make and take project whether it is a food or craft item. For more information or if you would like to be involved contact Cricket at the Library or CL Community Club.


Adjourned at 8:08 pm, 1st motion by Tim Wyss

Next meeting October 1st, 2018 at 7:00 pm



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