May 2019 Minutes

Clear Lake Community Club

Approved Minutes

May 6, 2019

Vice-President Tanya-Jo Roth called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm. Tanya-Jo had to leave so Amy Strobach took over. Alison Blanchard arrived at 7:21 and assumed her Presidential duties.

Secretary’s Report: Members reviewed Minutes from April 1st meeting as presented by Tanya-Jo Roth.

Treasurer’s Report: Amy Strobach reported a Balance of $8,496.95.  Amy listed the outstanding bills. Motion was made by Rodney Fall and seconded by Cindy Soderberg to pay the outstanding bills with the exception of the bill for Facebook ads. The Club would like an explanation of those ads. Motion passed.

Business Council Report: The Council met April 25th at Clear Lake Physical Therapy. The Village has ordered new banners for Main Street. Individual Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations can also order new banners for their location.  Christine LaFond (hereafter referred to as Cricket) passed out a Library Newsletter with Lunch and Learn information. This session which will be held on Wednesday, May 22nd @ Noon @ the Library will be about small businesses. Please RSVP to Cricket at the Library by Monday, May 20th so we can have enough food to feed you. Next meeting will be on Thursday, May 23rd.

Kick Off to Summer Report: Cindy reports that the event will take place from 10am – 1pm on Saturday, June 1st at the Clear Lake Park. CLAY will be having a Color Run that morning. Motion was made by Amy Strobach and seconded by Cricket LaFond to give Cindy a budget of $500 for this event. Motion passed.

Clear Lake Days Report: Alison says everything is going well. There are still opportunities for volunteers. If you have information to be put the poster, the deadline is June 1st. Rodney handed out Food Stand Rules & Regulations. Motion was made by Rodney Fall and seconded by Amy Strobach that the Methodist Church can advertise their event on the Clear Lake Poster for $50. Motion passed. There is a Refresher Food Safety Class on May 14th @ 6:30 pm @ the Clear Lake Community Center Dining Room. 2 people from each organization need to be certified.

Save the Date Update/Website Update: Wendy Schoggins presented a rough draft of the Save the Date postcards. Changes were made and Wendy will send out a final draft before sending them off to the Printer. Wendy explained the Facebook ads. Motion was made by Cricket LaFond and seconded by Amy Strobach to pay the outstanding bill for the Facebook ads. Motion passed.

First Friday Update: Cricket reported that ads have been placed in the Hometown Gazette and the Clear Lake Chronicle and on websites that allow free advertising. Contact Cricket at the Library to have your event placed on the map. Deadline to be on the map is Monday, June 3rd.

Eventually people will be able to put their event on the Community Club website. Wendy is working out the details for the Farmers Market. Time will be 5pm – 8pm.

Other: Next meeting is Monday, June 3rd @ 7pm @ the Library.

Adjourn: Motion was made by Joyce Jurisch and seconded by Rodney Fall to adjourn. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.

Respectfully submitted by Cricket LaFond



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