March 2019 Minutes

Clear Lake Community Club Meeting Minutes

March 4, 2019

Meeting was called to order by Alison Blanchard at 7:04 pm

Secretary’s Report: February minutes were read and accepted with changes. The business council gave two grants and the First Friday Event applied for a grant.

Treasure’s Report: None

Business Council: Clarified that all sponsor money for the Community Club goes to the club. All sponsor money is supposed to be in by March 15th. The Business Council money is separate from the Community Club. Business council will filter grants through the Community Club. Through out town new town banners will be hung up. Attentively by June 1st the gazebo park and the “V” rehab will be complete.

Old Business:  Our non-profit status is in the works. Motion made to accept 1st by Lisa Duden and 2nd by Amy Strobach

New business:

First Friday event- received a grant for this event

Community Club board and duties- Motion made to accept the descriptions of the duties of the president, vice president, secretary, and treasure and utilize them in the By Laws, 1st by Amy Strobach and 2nd by Joyce Jurisch

Queen for a Day- Sunday March 31st starting at 1pm with the fashion show starting at 6pm.

CL Days update:

50’s theme.

The beer tent workers are committing for shifts.

Everything is ordered and booked.

Some food stands will be on the street this year. Food stand contracts will be sent out attentively in April and a possible food service class in May and held in Clear Lake.

Derby will have the same payouts, 4 classes, a 16+ class, and mini vans class


                Tabled- Ice Harvesting Demo until later date

Buttons again for CL Days- Cindy Soderberg is in charge

Adjourned at 8:52 pm, 1st motion by Amy Strobach and 2nd by Cindy Soderberg

Next meeting April 1, 2019 at 7:00 pm

In attendance: Alison Blanchard, Tanya-Jo Roth, Lisa Duden, Joyce Jurisch, and Cindy Soderberg, Amy Strobach, Cricket LaFond, Joe Sauer, Ture Duden, Rodney Fall



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