June 2019 Minutes

Clear Lake Community Club Meeting

Approved Minutes

June 3, 2019

President Alison Blanchard called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm with 11 attendees.

Secretary’s Report: Motion was made by Amy Strobach and seconded by Tanya-Jo Roth to approve the Secretary’s report. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Amy Strobach presented a Financial Report that included activity from 1/4/19 to 6/3/19.

Business Council Report: Did not meet in May and no June meeting is scheduled. Lianne Petersen received money to help purchase a new TV Monitor for the High School lunch room. Nick Crawford received money to take students to see “Hamilton”.  5 businesses participated in the Lunch and Learn at the Library.

Kick Off to Summer Report: Good job Cindy Soderberg and Tanya-Jo Roth. Approximately 120 children participated in the event. People age 70+ were also there so may need to think of an activity for them. Pontoon rides were very popular. The cupcake walk was successful. Spent $300 on the Bouncey House and $273 on food. Received $380 in donations.

Clear Lake Days Report: Poster was sent around for people to make changes. No ad will be placed in the Yellow Advertiser. Alison is working on the appropriate permits. Need fewer Port–a-Potties and fewer dumpsters. Lisa Duden is looking for sponsors for the Pedal Pull. Food stands can start Thursday. Food vendors include American Legion, FFA Alumni, United Covenant Church, Lions Club, First Lutheran Church, and the Ambulance. All questions regarding food can be directed to Rodney Fall. Picnic tables will be delivered Wednesday. Tent will be put up on Wednesday. Tanya-Jo Roth has the stage and will deliver it Wednesday morning. Bleachers are an issue – asking CL High School and Clayton if can use theirs. Need 1 set of bleachers at the Pedal Pull. Work night will be Monday, June 24th beginning at 6:00 pm.

Save the Date Update/Website Update:  Cards have been mailed to all Clear Lake Routes and the 2 Amery routes closest to Clear Lake.

First Friday Update: Movie License has been purchased to show How to Train Your Dragon at 9:00 pm in the CL Park at the Ball field. CL video that was shown at the Business Council dinner has been revised and will start playing on a loop at 8:15 pm. Food truck will be there. Alison will spray for bugs early on Friday. Farmers Market vendors will set up in parking lot next to the Post Office. Many garage sales on website and on paper map from Village Office. Paper copies will be at Village Complex, CR Convenience and Nilssen’s. All campsites are booked.

Other: Next meeting is Monday, July 1st @ 7pm @ the Library.

Adjourn: Motion was made by Tim Wyss and seconded by Amy Strobach to adjourn. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:09 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Cricket LaFond

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