Community Club July 2018 Meeting

Clear Lake Community Club Meeting Minutes

July 9th, 2018


Meeting was called to order by Alison Blanchard-Avery.

Secretary’s Report:

Treasure’s Report: $15,422.04 with more coming in, Accepted 1st by Lisa Duden

Old Business:

                Clear Lake Days update:

Derby- number of cars were up and down, number of spectators were good, the new announcers were great, need to find a new way to haul bleachers, the village was pleased with the clean up.

                                Parade- numbers were up, everyone liked the theme, went well need more helpers, get a parade number list to the Queen’s Tea, possible start at the VFW and apartments.

                                Craft sale- went well, some stayed until Saturday and some didn’t, possible pool with the Hotel’s craft sale.

                                City wide garage sales- have it another day/time.

Food vendors- some spots still need to be paid, electricity was fine, no complaints, lions club didn’t like their location, county may let us close street for the whole weekend, and the layout was a problem for some, Ambulance service no fee due to the use of electric and parking lot, a contract needs to be written that covers the rules and what is expected from both parties, possibly ready for Oktoberfest.

                                New events- keep them they were a big hit and fun.

                                Dairy tent- need a new donator for ice cream, if we are non-profit Kemps could be a possible donator, Thank you letters will be sent out.

                                Miss CL court- 4 girls tried out, possible move the time of the cornation to 7 pm instead of 8 pm.

                                Set up/tare down- a clean up crew is needed for Monday after CL Days.

                                Bands- Survey of new bands

                                Car show- entry fee and 50/50 raffle is coming back to the Community Club.

                Noah Insurance will charge $2400 a year and it will cover all events for the year, Cricket made 1st motion to except this new policy.

Need new or revamped garbage cans because they were to hard to get the bags out of.

The electric meter bill will be coming to the club.

New business:


Craft sale– Rusted Rooster and April

Food vendors– Rodney Fall

Wagon rides– Tanya-Jo Roth

Set up/tare down– Snowmobile club

Beer vendors– Brew Shed

Other– Alison

Tents– Lisa Duden

We will possibly be in the Amery Parade to promote Oktober-Fun-Fest.

Business council updates– grants are being written for funding for the street projects and will bill be helping with the job fair at the school on October 22nd.

Adjourned 1st motion by Amy Strobach

Next meeting August 6, 2018 at 7:00 pm



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