January 2020 Minutes

Clear Lake Community Club

Unapproved Minutes

January 6, 2020

Tanya-Jo Roth called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm.

Approval of the minutes of the December 2, 2019 minutes: Motion was made by Lisa Duden and seconded by Cindy Soderberg to approve the minutes. Motion passed.

Approval of the Treasurer’s report: Amy Strobach presented a complete listing of 2019 Expenses and Income. As of today’s meeting there was $145.04 in the Checking Account. Motion was made by Cricket LaFond and seconded by Lisa Duden to approve the report. Motion passed.

Business Council: This committee did not meet in December. The next meeting is Thursday, January 30th at 7 am at Industrial Safety/BOS Realty. Cricket and Stephanie plan on attending.

Old Business:

  • Holiday Stroll/Santa Day: overall received good comments; enjoyed chili; at least 150 pictures were taken which is similar to past years; next year start pictures at same time as stroll; Date is December 4th and time is 3 – 7; require lighting contest participants to have lights up by December 4th so people can drive around and maybe linger in town.
  • Fireworks: Company shot fireworks off too fast – not much time in between so the show was over very quickly; advertised beginning at 4 but really did not get busy until after 6:00; what other activities can we plan to encourage people to come out earlier/stay later?

New Business:

  • Election: President: Stephanie Binstock, Vice-President: Tanya-Jo Roth, Treasurer: Amy Strobach, and Secretary: Cricket LaFond
  • 2020 Budget: Amy presented proposed budgets for almost all the events; Cricket added First Friday Movies and Garage Sale information. All committees should review budgets, make changes and submit to Amy before the next meeting so she can present a final proposed budget to be voted upon. Need a financial report from Business Council since they fall under the Community Club.
  • 2020 Village wide garage sales: Cricket will remain chair for 2020; date is Friday, June 5th.
  • 2020 Kick off to Summer: Cindy Soderberg is currently the chair but is open to having someone else take over; date is Saturday, June 6th.
  • 2020 Farmers Market: Needs a chair; should it be moved to another day/time?
  • 2020 Publicity: Wendy Schoggins will continue hosting website; administrators will be added to pages so Wendy has help managing content.
  • 2020 Clear Lake Heritage Days: Alison Blanchard was not present but it was the group’s understanding that she would chair this event for 2020.

Adjourn: Motion was made by Cricket LaFond and seconded by Joseph Sauer to adjourn. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:56 pm.

Next meeting is February 3rd in the Campion Room at the Village Complex.

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