January 2019 Minutes

Clear Lake Community Club Meeting Minutes

January 7, 2019

Meeting was called to order by Alison Blanchard at 7:02 pm

Secretary’s Report: December minutes were read, accepted

Treasure’s Report: $4,600.00, accepted

Business Council Report: They are very busy creating a business environment which includes housing, employees, the down town renovation, etc. New Christmas decorations for the town and the job fair at school. Meetings are on the 4th Thursday of every month at 7:30 am. Next meeting is at the Village Hall.

Old Business: Santa Day went well, 119 kids, 2 dogs, and 1 adult. Fireworks everyone loved the show and 173 cars were counted. Lighting contest 1st and 2nd place winners, $100 1st place resident and $50 2nd place, 1st and 2nd places for businesses is a free ad in the CL Chronicle.

New business:

Input/review of events of 2018, comments/complains from the chairs and co-chairs, and decided if they wanted to stay with their events or pass them on.

CL Days: Alison Blanchard-Chair and April Riniker- Co-Chair

Oktoberfest- Alison Blanchard-Chair and April Riniker-Co-Chair

Summer Kick off- Cindy Soderberg-Chair, Wendy Koenig- Co-Chair, Tanya-Jo Roth- Co-Chair

Santa Day- Amy Strobach- Chair and Tanya-Jo Roth- Co-Chair

Fireworks- Tanya-Jo Roth- Chair and Dave and Joyce Jurisch- Co-Chair

Discussed the job descriptions for the club board members, who wants to stay in their current position, who wants to give it up, voting in February.

Secretary position open if you are interested come to the February meeting to get on the ballot.


CL Days- 50 years in 2019, playing a 50’s band after the parade, 50’s theme. Motion made 1st by April Riniker and 2nd by Joyce Jurisch. Budget of $24,000.00 motion made 1st by Cricket LaFond and 2nd by Cindy Soderberg. Food vendors need booth payment in by June 1st and copy of county food certificate.

Peddle pull- $1000.00 for trophies, $425.00 for new puller. Motion made 1st by Rodney Fall and 2nd by Tanya-Jo Roth

Derby- $1000.00 for new promoter, Ture Duden and help, Motion made 1st by Cricket LaFond and 2nd by Rodney Fall

Oktoberfest- $4,000.00 motion made 1st by April Riniker and 2nd by Cricket LaFond. Change the band to a DJ.

Fireworks- $5600.00 motion made 1st by April Riniker and 2nd by Cricket LaFond.

Santa Day/Holiday Stroll and Summer Kick Off budgets tabled until February.

Friday 1st event- happens the first Friday of each month. There will be a farmer’s market, business’s hosting different events, specials at the bars and restaurants. For 2019 Santa Day, Holiday Stroll, and the start of the Christmas lighting contest will all be a part of the event, December 1st from 5-8pm.

Community Garage sales will be June 6,7,and 8th and not during CL Days this year.


Adjourned at 9:00 pm, 1st motion by Tim Wyss and 2nd by April Riniker

Next meeting February 4, 2019 at 7:00 pm

In attendance: Tanya-Jo Roth, Lisa Duden, Tim Wyss, Rodney Fall, Joyce Jurisch, Cindy Soderberg, Dave Jurisch, Lori Friendshuh, Joe Sauer, April Riniker, Alison Blanchard, Wendy Koenig, and Ture Duden.



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