April 2019 Minutes

Clear Lake Community Club Meeting Minutes

April 1, 2019

Meeting was called to order by Alison Blanchard at 7:00 pm

Secretary’s Report: March minutes were read and accepted

Treasurer’s Report: An email was read out load from April. Amy Strobach is willing to taken on the treasurer position. A motion was made to have Amy Strobach for the new treasurer by Rodney Fall and 2nd by Cindy Soderberg.

Business Council Report: Minutes were read

Old Business: Queen for a day, the numbers were down from last year. There were 27 girls this year, we received $36.95 in donations, made $384.95 total, and we were under budget.

New Business:

CL Days Committee Report:

County Line Band will not be playing

Friday night will be The Git Backs and will be starting after the peddle pull, between 7 & 8 pm.

Saturday night will be the Compromise from 8-12 am

Buttons- still deciding on the prizes for the winning buttons, they will not be used for entries into the events, and the queens court will be selling them for $2.00 each. Cost will be $750.00 to make. A motion was made to make a 1000 and sell for $2.00 each and keep 200 buttons out for selling for prizes at the Derby, unless the court needs them for selling. 1st by Amy Strobach and 2nd by Cricket LaFond

Contact Rodney Fall if you want to have a food booth during Clear Lake Days.

Board nominations- Motion made to keep current officers for the next year and make Cricket the secretary, 1st by Rodney Fall and 2nd by Amy Strobach.

All future meetings will be held at the Library and at the same time, 7pm.

Nominations for new/current officers will be held in December and voting will be held in January.

New meeting format- Motion made to adopt the new meeting format, Robert’s Rules of Order, 1st by Amy Strobach and 2nd by Cricket LaFond


                Joe Sauer brought up the suggestion for us to take part in the Veteran’s Walk with Clayton, Turtle Lake, and Deer Park. We suggested he talk with the local VFW and American Legion since they have more connections for this type of event.

Adjourned at 8:18 pm, 1st motion by Amy Strobach and 2nd by Tim Wyss

Next meeting May 7, 2019 at 7:00 pm

In attendance: Alison Blanchard, Tanya-Jo Roth, Lisa Duden, Cindy Soderberg, Amy Strobach, Cricket LaFond, Joe Sauer, Ture Duden, Rodney Fall, and Tim Wyss



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