Community Club April 2018 Meeting

Clear Lake Community Club Meeting Minutes

April 9th, 2018

Meeting was called to order by Alison Blanchard-Avery.

Secretary’s Report: March minutes were read.

Treasure’s Report: Sponsorship money is coming in and going well.

New Business:

Queen for a Day- So far 36 girls have signed up. Printers have been ordered with extra paper and ink. The food will be the same.

CL Derby- Still have not found insurance yet and we are still looking. We can use the barriers from the Polk County fairgrounds just will need a truck and trailer to haul them. Also a pay loader to off load them. We can use them free of charge but may have to work in the beer garden for a night. Clear Lake Village needs to approve all changes to the Demo area. We will also need proof of insurance for the fire department’s food booth at the Demo.

CL Parade- They will need workers.

Clear Lake Days- The gymnastics will be able to have a food vendor booth but will need  their food certification and pay the vendor fee. Motion was made that there will be no out of town for profit food vendors, motion made by April Riniker. The cotton candy man will not be able to sell during the parade. A motion was made to move the location back up town made by Chase. We discussed that the bars uptown help with the garbage fee and clean up help. A motion was made that we pay $200.00 a day to a youth group/organization to pick up garbage Saturday and Sunday mornings, made by April. We discussed having the food vendors at the car show. Tanya-Jo will get of AFP to see if they have any blue barrels that we could use for garbage to save costs. We had a discussion about having Acrobat’s instead of the saw dust pile on Friday night from 5-6 pm.

Summer Kick Off- CLAY wants to help out after their color run and make a donation. There may be a possible location change since the park is booked that day. Businesses are either making donations and/or have games that they are going to set up.

Rusted Rooster participation- They would like to have a art/crafts/vintage/handmade fair during CL Days. $ 30.00 for a 2 day event spot. A motion was made to have the Rusted Rooster handle everything to do with this event and then splitting the booth fees with them, made by Amy Strobach.

Donation letters will be going out this week.

Next meeting May 7th, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Meeting was adjourned at 8:23 pm, 1st motion by Tim Wiess



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