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Clear Lake, Wisconsin, is home to more than 200 local businesses – big and small.

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Diggers Automotive Repair

Diversified Builders Inc

Dodge Construction

Dodge Exteriors

Dog Walking

Did you know dogs need to walk every day? Walking, as opposed to just aimlessly pacing around your backyard, gives dogs the chance to experience new smells, sights and sounds. And, it’s proven that when dogs take daily walks, it help them behave better, be healthier and live longer! That means saving money on dog […]

Doug’s Fix-it Shop

East Exterior Entry- Door 8

Dr Arlin Frank, Chiropractor

Earl’s Body Parts

East Lincoln Alliance Church

Eckwall Construction

East Exterior Entry – Door 11

Ecology Products

Eggert Slaughtering

Fall Electric Heating & Air Conditioning


Rodney Fall

Ferguson Manufacturing & Equipment Co Inc

Fireside Log Homes Wisconsin

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