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Clear Lake, Wisconsin, is home to more than 200 local businesses – big and small.

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Clear Lake Public Library

The mission of the Clear Lake Public Library is to provide information, materials, and services for a diverse and growing constituency, which will meet their personal, educational, professional, cultural, and recreational needs. The Library will partner with other community organizations to enrich life-long learning. Approved 9/06/11 Clear Lake Board of Trustees

Christine LaFond

Clear Lake Self Storage

Clear Lake Senior Apartments

Clear Lake Senior Center

Clear Lake True Value Hardware

Clear Lake Veterinary Service

Clear Lake WI 54005 United States

Clear Lake WI 54005 United States 715-263-3846

Clear Lake Wrestling Club

Community Education

Country Lane Berries

CR Convenience / BP Gas Station

CR Convenience store is here for all your shopping needs. Not just a gas station! We serve some of the best pizza in town. Proudly serving the Clear Lake, WI, area for 15 years.

D C Dairy

DC Delivery – Courier Service

Diamond Knoll Enterprises

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