Business Council October 2018 Meeting

Clear Lake Business Council Meeting Minutes

October 25th, 2018

Alison Blanchard-Avery passed out agendas.

Secretary’s report: CL Warriors Job Fair review from this week

Treasurer’s report: no report because April Riniker is out of town.

Old Business:

  • Job Fair
    • Student feedback:
      • Learned new things
      • Beneficial
      • Know more in advance-formulate questions
    • Teacher feedback
      • Suggestions: STS NHS student leaders introduce speakers-get students involved
      • YA Youth Apprenticeship-more involvement with students (ongoing)
        • Businesses that have interest can have work release
        • Businesses may have limitations but are willing to participate
      • Business Council/presenter feedback
        • Multiple reps per class was helpful to present
        • Next year maybe more groups at 30 min rather than 45 minutes
        • More interactive: suggestions for speakers, props, demonstrations, etc.
      • Grants
        • Instead of scholarship $, offer teacher grants
        • Teachers write 1 page description of what they need, why, and how much money they need: Deadline Feb 1st
        • Award in March


New Business:

  • Holiday Stroll Update/Questions
    • Invitations to Businesses are going out now & due in a week
    • Light up the village-2nd annual
  • Main St Reno Update/Banners
    • Rained out on day to dismantle park
    • Trees/bushes marked that will be removed
    • Meeting Monday 10/29 as rescheduled date
    • Banners-Allison meeting today at 10A
      • Which logo will be used? Village and CL have different logos
      • Allison will discuss village’s intentions to use logo with new brand
    • Business After 5 Dates and Info
      • Crickle Creek and Brick Fire confirmed
      • Drinks begin at 5:30 and 6 meeting starts
      • Split list and make calls to remind business leaders
        • Express evolution of Business Council benefits
        • Multiple methods of communication
      • Name tags with company name
    • 2019
      • Speakers
        • Quarterly lunch and learns
          • 1st Quarter business finances & impact to bottom line,
          • 2nd Quarter Banking/loan,
          • 3rd Quarter marketing for small businesses,
          • 4th Quarter retaining workforce
        • Locations consistently at the village
      • Budget
        • How can we expand it?
          • Website, Tourism, Magazines, Banner
        • Changes?
        • Marketing Ideas
          • Present idea to Polk County: jobs, education, housing


  • Suggestions for review: Cricket created awareness for businesses to get involved in WI Fast Forward program
  • First Friday update
  • Around the Farm Table show: wants to come to Clear Lake to do presentation April 20th
    • Earth Day or Service Learning Day
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