Business Council: May Meeting Minutes

Clear Lake Business Council Meeting Minutes

May, 2018

Meeting was called to order at 7:35 AM by Alison Blanchard. 7 people were in attendance.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from last month

Treasurer’s Report:


  • Discussion on Cedar Corp presentation
    • Rough draft ideas for downtown “beautification” from last meeting:
      • Discussion Concept option #2 for the landscape on bump-out in front of Rusted Rooster
      • Discussion Concept for landscape on corner of EMS parking lot
        • Add stone engraved (similar to library and golf course) “Welcome to Historical Downtown Clear Lake”
      • Discussion Concept for lot next to post office to be minimal beautification, but ideas for this concept provided by Cedar Corp to be used at another location (corner of 5th and 3rd)
      • Discussion Concept for landscape of corner of 5th and 3rd (removing burning barrel), add bike rack, add gazebo/pavilion
    • Create long-term plan for maintenance
      • Groups, clubs, community involvement, school involvement
        • Gain involvement and investment from these groups
      • Next month: cost and financing goal review for timeline
    • Clear Lake Days
      • Company donation items go to Allison to distribute during derby
      • Looking for volunteers
    • Job Fair
      • Allison, Steph, and Katie (Clear Lake Business Council) will meet with school in July
        • Will come to meeting with Alumni list and outline for day
      • August send letters to speakers for finalizing attendance/agenda
      • Tentative date Oct 15th
        • Students will be challenged to go to sessions:
          • 2 sessions they see themselves in a career
          • 1 session they don’t know anything about
        • Database of speakers (alumni): favorite teachers, what did they think they were going to do, what they went to school for, etc.
      • Speaker/Host: Derrick’s Group-
        • Dana introduced his business
        • Brainstorming session to utilize resources and capitalize resources
      • Next Meeting: Community Room at the Municipal Building hosted by Specialty Coating Sytems



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