Business Council March 2019 Meeting

Clear Lake Business Council Meeting Minutes

March 28, 2019

Alison Blanchard-Avery passed out agendas.


Secretary’s report:

Treasurer’s report:

Old Business:

  • Plan for June 1st to “renew” triangle intersection
  • Plan for June 1st gazebo project

New Business:

  • Village approved Main St. Banners
    • Heritage, Agriculture, Business (Add Business logos),
    • Museum: History, School: Education
    • *$150 each with hardware
    • Template visuals on Facebook
    • Orders due 2 weeks prior to May 1st (April 10th)
      • Newspapers (too late to miss deadline?)
      • Facebook
      • Mailing
      • Email blast
    • There will be 2nd order placed for June 1st (to be up by Clear Lake Days)
  • Garage Sale has been moved to different day to be separate from Clear Lake Days
    • Garage Sale Date 2019: June 7th (first Friday in June)
    • Restaurants in town extend their hours on these days to offer service to dates when people are “drawn” into town


  • Alison/Committee research alternatives for community banner (poles)
    • Alison will email committee members for assigned business communication
    • Include picture of template community banner
  • Alison send out picture of event sponsor banner to sponsor’s for visual
  • Alison to send out survey for participation


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