Business Council: June Meeting Minutes

Clear Lake Business Council

Unapproved Minutes

June 28, 2018


Alison Blanchard-Avery passed out agendas.


Alison asked Cricket LaFond to take minutes.


Secretary’s report: no report because Katie Ziegler is out of town


Treasurer’s report: no report because April Riniker is out of town. The Council does owe the Village of Clear Lake money for 2 invoices and Al Bannink, Village Clerk, will let us know those amounts.


CL Days report:

          Awesome weather

          Band after the Parade was great

          Complaints: lack of parking and long walk to events

                      Library did not have a successful Book and Plant sale

                      Lions Club unhappy with location – people couldn’t find them

          Suggestions: change where the roads are blocked off

                        Publish map of road closures

                        Different spot for craft market

                        Keep 5th St closed so food vendors can be on road

                        Extend fencing

                        Bean bag tournament on Saturday


Cedar Corporation:

          Passed out map

          Cedar Corp employees spent some time in Clear Lake taking pictures and came up with suggestions for places for Business Council and other interested parties to look at (Yellow highlighted area)

          Purple highlights indicate the Clear Lake to Clayton trail

          Want to create places to catch people’s eyes – lot next to Windy Ridge was pointed out as a good example of this

          No timeline for improvements

          Handout included pictures of possible items for purchase

      Benches – can stay thru winter

      Planters – remove for winter – concrete are heavy

      Most companies have mix and match items

      Cricket mentioned Clear Lake iron as a possible resource

      U-shaped bicycle rack work best and are the least expensive

      Recycling containers

      Replace the gazebo with a Pavilion and add color with a metal roof

    Water fountain with bottle filling station

    Flower boxes – school or organization project

    Tree suggestion – Japanese Lilac


          General cost estimates reflect contractor installation

          Possible ways to save money

           Polk County tree purchasing program

           Service Learning projects

           Master Gardeners

           Eagle Scouts

          Projects over $15,000 need to be sent out for bid

          Start with Site 17 since that is owned by the Village and there is Memorial Money to help with this project

          Question was asked if it was possible to wash the bricks on the various buildings – no answer at this time – would be nice to highlight the unique brick patterns


Save the Dates: some are in the trash some are on fridges – no discussion regarding future


Job Fair Planning:

          Date is October 15th

          It was suggested that Adam Jarchow would be a good keynote speaker

          Students will attend sessions according to the following criteria: interested, know nothing about; friend is interested

          Speakers will discuss schooling and how they ended up in their profession – some arrived there in very round-a-bout ways

          At end of day students will return to homeroom and speakers will facilitate discussion and the completion of a questionnaire

          Brainstormed ideas for possible careers that should be represented (newspaper, respiratory therapist, oncology nurse, social worker, mechanic, engineer, teacher, cpa)


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