Business Council: February Meeting Minutes

Clear Lake Business Council Meeting Minutes: February 22, 2018

Meeting was called to order at 7:37 AM by Alison Blanchard-Avery. 17 people were in attendance.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from last month emailed

Treasurer’s Report: $1171 in the account after paying for extra page in Clear Lake

Promotional Video

                                Drone Footage from Derek’s Group

  • Watched video to use potentially for Clear Lake video

                Community Calendar Update

  • Cricket and Kim will lead project
    • Calendar to be posted on Facebook and available in Library
    • First issue will be distributed in March
      • Meetings, events, fundraisers, workshops, open house, etc.
    • Extends outreach to local events to broad area

                Grant Update

  • Cricket
    • Decided 501C6 Chamber of Commerce
      • Fit best
      • Open us up for several grants
        • State Farm
        • Walmart
        • Few others in process
      • City Planning, Green Space, Disaster Relief


  • Explanation of dues sponsorship sheet
  • Save the dates need to be sent by 1st week in March

                Cedar Corp

  • Patrick and James (Planning Department)
    • Visual Preference Survey
      • 25 Slides
    • First Impressions
      • Will get more participants for more perspectives


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