Business Council: April Meeting Minutes

Clear Lake Business Council Meeting Minutes

April, 2018

Meeting was called to order at 7:32 AM by Alison Blanchard. 11 people were in attendance.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from last month

Treasurer’s Report: $2421 in the account right now, $800 still yet to be paid for tourism book


  • Old Business
    • Save the dates- Alison developed an email sent to chairs of events to confirm details
      • Expected to go out next week: All Main Clear Lake and Eastern Amery routes
    • Clear Lake Days
      • Moved event location to Main St.
        • Ride location has heard both positive and negative comments
      • Short staffed for events-how to attract more volunteers?
        • Attract businesses to volunteer
      • Job Fair with School
        • ACP program “Academic Career Paths”
          • Expected next Fall
          • Interested Committee Members (present at meeting)
            • Katie Ziegler, Steph
          • Clear Lake Alumni: Post stories for inspiration for success at all levels of education
            • Database
          • Cedar Corp Business
            • Downtown Improvement Concepts
              • Targeted 4 primary areas to make more vibrant and attractive
                • Site 1: Rusted Rooster corner ( 5th and 3rd )
                  • Site big enough for two suggested layout concepts
                  • Replace lights from sidewalks so that they all match
                • Site 2: Corner of EMS parking lot (5th and 3rd)
                  • Potential for transition to 1 EMS car entry to extend landscaping options
                  • Involvement of community committees to help maintain mulch and planters (school-agriculture classes, Earth Day Committee, local businesses, etc.)
                    • Create long-term plan to offer village
                    • Planters/Benches: Sponsors for ownership or memorials
                  • Site 3: Lot off of 3rd Ave (next to post office)
                    • Purpose of space: gathering in town
                    • Long term goal of space: gathering or to put a business?
                  • Site 4: corner diagonal from Rusted Rooster
                    • Bicycle rack?
                    • Water Fountain?
                    • Pavilion?
                  • Takeaway- members to look at these sites before next meeting to think about use of garbage/recycling and envision the suggested concepts
                • Next Meeting: Cedar Corp will put together a map of the areas with ideas of what possibilities would help to make them more appealing or inviting
                  • Way-Finders
                • Action items
                  • Present to Village Board
                    • Propose one site at a time
                    • Plan maintenance
                  • Next Meeting: Located Derrick’s Group


submitted by Katie Ziegler

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