August 2016 Meeting

Clear Lake Community Club Meeting Minutes

August 1st, 2016

Meeting called to order at 7:03 pm with 9 members present. Minutes approved from June and July update. Treasurer’s report read.

  • *bleachers down at Demo Derby (Chalet) are in very bad condition. Discussion held if to replace wood or continue as did this year in renting from St. Croix County Fair Grounds; we rented 4 for $60 and all were full could rent 6 in future.
  • *Carnival: need more big kid rides 12-18 year old. Was space an issue? There was no scrambler. Can we get more space and close another street off? We closed off 5th Ave. Need to check into closing ½ 6th Ave. up to and including 4th Street up to and including 5th Ave. 3 sides of Community Center.
  • *Rain Saturday night hurt beer tent sales and band attendance. Sandbox was full.
  • *T-shirts for community Club members during parade route especially to help people know who to contact if there is an issue. Tabled for future discussion.
  • *Clean up Monday night after needs to be added or at least addressed.
  • *Designate someone or crew to clean/empty garbage cans.
  • *Monday and Wednesday work nights need to be more organized in future.
  • *Need more picnic tables for seating. Many people were in sun and on ground.
  • *Pedal pull had 143 kids participate. Royalty helped with registration after cheese tent duties.
  • *Petting Zoo needs signage and trailer parking area.
  • *Lifeline was very happy with how we worked with them to remain open for their customers.
  • *Coronation money was mixed with buttons. Need to keep better records.
  • *Car Show will need to go down further to accommodate future growth.
  • *Demo Derby went great had 63 drivers. Facebook was very helpful. Want to add another class with powder puff or other?
  • *discussed tap beer verses can beer. Can is still choice.
  • *Start beer sales at noon not 1:30pm.
  • *Has anyone claimed button prizes? How getting picked and when?
  • *Buttons did not sell well. One person holding onto and not distributing well. We bought 1000 had 500 left. In future need to make 100 for sale and 200 for Royalty to hand out at Queens Teas.
  • *Web-site is again tabled. Cindy Soderberg not in attendance.

Future Fundraisers to consider:

Truck Pull                                             Community Dinner Theater 1 or 2 nights

Donkey Basketball                           Thrills on Grills cookout

Talent Show                                       Family Movie Night

  • *Float update: Need someone to check stability if need new green stuff, need more room for storage. Tonya Jo Roth offered up her garage. Laura Andersen will ask Nextgen.
  • *Where going to store stage trailer for bands? Belongs to the Community Club.
  • *Facebook – need everyone to share and get the word out. May be every month hold meeting at different place of business?

Agenda for Sept. 12th

What businesses do we want to see in our town?            How can we improve our town?

How can we get more people into town?                             We need more Village support.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:50pm

Respectively submitted by

Laura Andersen CLCC Secretary


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